Glock full auto switch

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Unlike ordinary products on the market, our switch is made of stainless steel according to the real technical drawings
Process: Precision-CNC Machining
Material: Full Stainless Steel
You may have to fill seer angle a bit more smooth and notch out a little on poly mere handle very easy it works wonderfully

This switch is suitable for glock gen1-5 . It will work for all models except 42 43 43x and all sears are supposed to be modified for it to work properly. And you can refer to the YouTube videos on how to file and fit properly.

Glock G19 can be used directly without modification, other models and p80 can be used only by modifying the sear part or frame, which requires customers to modify according to their own equipment.

Full auto glock switches would convert all models of glock pistols to “Full Auto.” The device operates by applying force to the trigger bar to prevent it from limiting the weapon to firing only one round each time the trigger is depressed.

Material: Full Stainless Steel

Package list:

1x Disconnector

1x Sear

1x Selector



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switch for glock

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Glock switches installation guide

1 review for Glock full auto switch

  1. Garrett****sitano

    she’s on point with my gen 3. You have to file a tiny bit off of the lower receiver for the sear to clear the frame when she operates. we’re talking about a tiny, tiny amount (less than half a MM) with a very small file or razor knife. people, it’s a lot easier to cut a groove in your plastic frame than it is to shave a stainless steel pin. Use your heads guys, or just go to YouTube

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